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これもまた、それである - 東京芸術大学芸術情報センター

Workshop I : Restoration | Text
Materials : Inkjet print, 3D print
Selected Participants : Mio Shimada, Ryota Ukai, Minato Fuimura, Anzu Masugi
Workshop II : Transfiguration | Text
Materials : 40seconds Full HD video, Inkjet print
Selected participants : Jaming Pak, Minato Fujimura, Shunsuke Ochi

この展示は、芸術情報センター開講授業である「CAD 図法演習 I」の成果をもとに構成されたもので、私たちの制作行為や認識をコンピュー タを通じてどのように解体/構築できるかについて探ったものです。
この展示では、3D スキャンやアルゴリズムを用いた定義づけなど、ふだん私たちが対象を認識するしかたとは異なる方法での関わりあい を試みています。私たちのまなざしと、コンピュータを通じたまなざしとのパララックスのなかに、対象の多様なあらわれを探ります。

This exhibition consists of the achievements of “CAD Exercise I”, which is an opening class of the Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts. This exhibition explores how we can deconstruct our way of production and recognition through computer media.
From the visual appearance and the social common sense that we know, we recognize the object and determine how to handle them. However, when we try to understand the object apart from such a framework, they will appear in different ways than usual.
In this exhibition, we will try to understand objects in different ways than we usually identify objects, such as 3D scanning or definition using algorithms. We will explore various objects’ appearance in the parallax between our gaze and the gaze through the computer.

This is also it
2015.11.16 – 27
Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts at Ueno, Tokyo