Deductive Objects

類推する形態 - HAGISO

Workshop I : Transcription | Text
Materials : Any object, Text, 3D print
Workshop II : Graft | Text
Materials : Wood, 3D print


This exhibition was planned as a results exhibition of “CAD Exercise I” offered at Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts. This is also a related exhibition of “Materializing Exhibition II”.
In this exhibition, we are focusing on the similarity between sensibility of human beings such as analogical inference / association of ideas and deductive procedure in computer media. This exhibition shows 2 types of works and documentations of process in these works. One is 3D-printed objects which described and modeled through broken-telephone-game-like-process, and the other are object generated by the cross sections of ready-made objects.
From the group of works born as integration of arbitrary association by human beings and the deductive process by computer, we will consider the possibilities in form making with computer media.

Deductive Objects
2014.08.02 – 10
HAGISO at Yanaka, Tokyo